We identify and solve challenges in collaborative environments.
We come up with solutions together with our clients, based on everyone’s experiences, to achieve the expected results and impact.


Endesa Generación – Chile
GasAtacama – Chile
Progas – Chile
Antofagasta Minerals – Chile
Barrick – Chile
BHP – Chile
BHP – Australia
BHP – Colombia
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BHP – Suriname
Chinalco – Peru
Codelco – Chile
Collahuasi – Chile
FreePort McMoran – Chile
Teck – Chile
Volcan – Peru
Aguas del Valle – Chile
Chilectra – Chile
Companhia de Eletricidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Esval – Chile
Banco Estado – Chile
Falabella Bank – Chile
Copec – Chile
Enap – Chile
YPF – Argentina
Clínica Santa María – Chile
Metropolitan Hospital – Nicaragua
Latam Airlines – Chile
Public Procurement
Chilecompra – Chile
Public Contracting Federal Network – Argentina
Regulatory Unit of Contracting and Procurement of the Public Administration – El Salvador
National Service of Public Contracting – Ecuador
National Regulatory Office of Contracting and Procurement – Honduras
General Directorate of Public Contracting – Dominican Republic
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National General Directorate of Contracting – Nicaragua
Ministry of Public Finance – Guatemala
Ministry of Finance – Bahamas
Ministry of Finance – Suriname
National Procurement and Tender Administration – Guyana
Comission Nationale de Marches Publics – Haiti
Office of the Procurement Regulation – Trinidad and Tobago
Procurement and Asset Policy Unit – Jamaica
National Efficient Procurement Agency – Colombia
National Directorate of Public Contracting – Paraguay
Department of Public Procurement – Barbados
National Directorate of Public Contracting and Goods Management Mendoza Province – Argentina
Accountant’s Office of La Pampa Province – Argentina
Accountant’s Office of Buenos Aires Province – Argentina
Procurement Office of Salta Province – Argentina
General Directorate of Procurement and Contracting of Córdoba Province – Argentina
Inter-American Network of Government Procurement (RICG)

Court of Justice Council – Ecuador
Court of Justice Administrative Corporation – Chile
Supreme Court of Justice – Costa Rica
Supreme Court of Justice – El Salvador
Public Criminal Defender’s Office – Chile
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Defender’s Office – Ecuador
Executive Directorate of the Judiciary – Venezuela
National General Prosecutor’s Office – Ecuador
Chilean Gendarmerie Ministry of Justice – Chile
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights – Argentina
District Attorney’s Office – Chile
District Attorney’s Office – Guatemala
Judiciary – Mendoza, Argentina
Judiciary – Nicaragua
Judiciary – Panama
Judiciary – Peru
Office of the Inspector General of Colombia – Colombia
Judiciary – Colombia
Legal Medical Service – Chile
Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation – Mexico
Public Works
Department of Roads – Chile
Production Development Corporation – Chile
Ministry for the Economy, Development, and Tourism – Chile
Free Zone of Iquique – Chile
School of Medicine of the University of Chile
Federico Santa María Technical University – Chile
Central Government
National Environmental Authority – Panama
National Institute of Statistics and Census – Panama
National Civil Police – Guatemala
National Customs Service – Chile
Regional and Local Governments Casa de Moneda – Chile
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Ministry of the Interior of the State of Zulia – Venezuela
Puente Alto City Hall Internal Revenue and Finance
Ministry of Finance – Chile
Tax and Customs Court – Chile
Control Bodies
Controller General of Chile – Chile
Controller General of the Republic – Nicaragua
Controller Office – El Salvador
Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels – Chile
Supply Center of the National Health Services Cenabast – Chile
National Health Fund – Chile
Félix Bulnes Clinical Hospital – Chile
Labor Directorate – Chile
National Labor Secretariat – Dominican Republic
Santiago Metro – Chile
Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications – Chile


Inter-American Development Bank
World Bank
Organization of American States – OEA
United States Agency for International Development – USAID