Definition and design of Colombia’s Business Unique Integrated Model of the Judicial Branch


The jurisdictions, competencies and specializations of Colombia’s justice cover over 5,000 judicial offices and supporting units. Not all cases processing were adequately documented, standardized or automated.

critical-issueCRITICAL ISSUE

The wide range of jurisdictions, competences, specializations and processes, together with the different regional realities, provision of resources and capacities installed generated a heterogeneous response to the user, sometimes unpredictable and vague as regards time.


Lack of common guidelines for the operation of similar judicial offices, together with scarce or insufficient tools for internal management and measurement resulted in fulfilling functions in different ways, depending on the knowledge and abilities of each office. This generated great differences in the services provided to users, in different areas of the country.


We defined a group of common use politics, regulations, processes and tools that optimized the operation of all the case processing included in all the processes by configuring an integrated and coherent model. This model generated the necessary information to measure progress and make corrective measures. To achieve this, we carried out an on-site process assessment to collect information about the wide variety of regional realities. Once the model was validated, a pilot test was carried out for the civil executive processes in the city, with active participation and collaboration of the judicial civil servants.

We defined a management model by excellence and optimized the cause processing processes of all jurisdictions, competences and specializations, employing BPM methodology and including over one hundred processes. Besides, we carried out a one-month pilot test for civil executive procedures in a city of Colombia, where the validity and appropriateness of the optimizations proposed were confirmed.

The model we proposed, gathering opinions and experiences of judges and civil servants from various regions of the country, constituted a solid base leading the Judicial Branch to take the next step towards its improvement process, consisting on the building or acquisition of an IT system to achieve the automation of the work processes that are already optimized.

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