Interoperability among the different entities of Ecuador’s justice administration and safety system


The usual operation of the 5 entities that form part of the justice and safety system requires permanent data and information exchange among all the entities, both for effective and efficient operation and for provision of good quality services for their users.

critical-issueCRITICAL ISSUE

Deficiencies in information exchange among the entities result in redundant allocation of time of their personnel for data registration and processing. This has an impact on users’ response times and the quality of the responses given. A notorious example are flagrancy detentions, where the 5 entities must interact and make relevant decisions in 24 hours.


Each entity has its own processes and systems, with diverse automation levels. Failure to share data results in numerous work duplications, waste of time and deterioration in the data quality. All this has an impact on the response speed and quality of the justice system, for example, when legal terms have to be complied with in flagrant crimes.


In order to be capable of sharing this data in a safe, efficient, quality and routine manner, and complying with the laws in force, it is required to develop abilities in 4 areas: agreements in the governance of interoperation processes, in the semantics of data that will be shared, in the operative model of operation of interoperable processes, and in the technological abilities providing adequate support to the model. We carried out inter-institutional workshops that enabled to generate adequate spaces for the 5 entities to be able to reach agreements related to the information to be exchanged, its characteristics and requirements. Besides, thanks to the methodology we used, bilateral agreements to share information fast were reached; it was not necessary to wait until the project was finished.

We designed a customized interoperability model for the 5 public institutions, including the governance, operative and technological semantics that considered wide and active participation of multidisciplinary teams of the 5 entities, complying with the governmental regulation.

The design we proposed was validated by the technical teams and approved by the maximum authorities of the participants’ entities. Besides, we presented a short-term, medium-term and long-term work plan for the implementation of the designed proposed.

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