Research and design of customized solutions for an outsourcing process


A large mining company paid a quarterly bonus for compliance with safety standard to its contracting companies’ workers, as long as each worker complied with their specific tasks.

critical-issueCRITICAL ISSUE

A great number of workers that were not included in this bonus payment list generated appeals that required to be analyzed, causing not only work burden, but also hostile work environment in the contracting companies.


There was lack of both a contact point to conduct enquiries and a defined process for this bonus appeal.


The client needed to have a team to deal with the workers’ doubts / enquiries and to define a process to manage the corresponding appeals.

We defined the guidelines with the different stakeholders, we designed and implemented the exception process and proposed additional reviews to reduce the appeals received.

The result of this service was the 7 % reduction of the number of monthly appeals and the quarterly saving of almost USD 500,000, due to early detection of wrongly assigned roles and workers who did not comply with the bonus requirements.

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