Effective management of contracting of services


The administration area of transverse contracts of a large mining company had diverse services that were in different stages of advancement at the sourcing stage.

critical-issueCRITICAL ISSUE

The area structure had undergone changes, leading to a redistribution of the contracts among the new people in charge.


The employees in charge of the services did not have enough time to carry out the data analysis and give feedback to the supply area, to advance in such processes to incorporate critical information and to be able to contract the new service.


The client needed to advance in time and manner and simultaneously with all the contracting processes, independently of the stage where they were.

We supported the different employees in charge of preparing and reviewing the technical bases, in enquire responses, in offer assessment and in service implementation. Additionally, we measured the performance of each service according to the company contract administration standard that we had previously designed.

As a result of the project: - We optimized a contract negotiated in almost 7 % of its fixed cost. - We developed technical bases, defined and reviewed the KPIs. - We detected deviations in the implementation plan. - We incorporated activities out of the contract. - We identified deviations in critical routines of the contracts of the area. - We increased compliance in the monitoring of over 70 %, in average.

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