Simplification and implementation of a Health Safety Environment (HSE) management system


The HSE manager of a large mining company found out that neither his own employees nor the contractors’ employees clearly understood how to use the existent management system.

critical-issueCRITICAL ISSUE

The HSE system was not user-friendly. Besides, that system had been implemented many years before and, since then, the number of documents had increased significantly. Some of them repeated information and other ones contained different information, generating confusion.


Absence of a person in charge of the process and inadequate governance structure were detected.


The client needed to facilitate the understanding of the system and its documents. For this, the client required a simplification and standardization of the HSE management system as well as a governance structure for changes administration and control.

We created and implemented a management system that simplified and supported the organization’s change management. Additionally, we designed and implemented a governance structure within the HSE management.

Our work resulted in the decrease of over 70 % of the information provided to workers by creating a simple and robust document structure and reducing the management system’s elements from 15 to 7 and the sub-elements, from 85 to 27.

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