Innovation Management in a Public Entity


A wide territorial coverage public entity that deals with a population mainly coming from a marginal area faced recurrent problems related to the manner it treated its users, who sometimes generated serious situations of repercussions in the media.

critical-issueCRITICAL ISSUE

Safety, both for the organization’s personnel and users was constantly facing challenges. This generated different situations that required urgent solution. Apart from this, one of the main entity’s products was not achieving the expected results despite the constant increase of resources allocated to it.


Due to the constant pressure of being under emergences in the media, this organization had developed abilities to react before the emergences, but had not developed the ability to foresee, anticipate or mitigate this type of events.


In order to be able to deal with critical situations, we designed and installed an innovation management platform that allowed us to generate the ability to conceive and identify ideas, and select, implement and spread them permanently. We required the organization management’s support. Thus, internal instructors were selected. They participated in over 12 workshops in order to develop the Design Thinking method bases gradually.

We designed and devised a method to identify, enrich, assess and implement ideas, oriented to solve 10 focal points of challenges that had not been solved in a “traditional” manner. We also designed a development program of sensitivity, knowledge leveling and skills to manage innovation from the perspective of exercising and learning by doing method, for a group of 30 internal instructors, who replicated the learning developed in their work teams.

We created 10 projects to respond to the same number of critical challenges that were selected by the institution’s management, considering the prioritization determined by internal personnel over 60 possible challenges. Besides, we installed an Innovation Management Internal Unit. This project was considered a “success case” and was promoted as such among public organizations, by Corfo Government Laboratory.

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