Flexibility facing a critical issue


A public organization facing the need to improve its performance due to a strong possibility of not being able to continue its operations.

critical-issueCRITICAL ISSUE

The institution required fast innovation on its services and products in order to validate its role in the value chain of the public health sector. Apart from that, the level of participation and commitment of the civil servants had lost strength, with a low level of credibility of the authorities.


Before identifying new products and services, the new management team detected the need to regain the civil servants’ trust and commitment for the benefit of the whole institution. In order to do so, the management team decided to conduct a participative process that involved the civil servants and enabled to solve the daily work needs. From Holos, we set up a project which was submitted in a tender and we got the necessary co-financing to incorporate innovative measures in the institution.


We implemented a management process of innovation that enabled the civil servants to have the opportunity to participate, in order to take advantage of their previous experiences and use them appropriately for the generation of new services and products. During this process, we set up a Committee, a Unit and 5 Innovation teams, formed by civil servants and the Institution. The other side of the project supported with immense enthusiasm and commitment, which also had an impact on the increase of the participation of the selected people to form the different work teams in the innovation system implementation. The Innovation Teams carried out diverse tasks, such as videos, meeting, spreading to motivate the civil servants’ collaboration, including a contest to choose the project’s name. At the beginning of the project, Holos team suggested embarking on the innovation journey by sending a “boarding pass” to the civil servants, who were welcomed by the “crew” duly prepared for the trip to the “new innovation space”.

We provided methodological support to implement the innovation management system, including a structure, governance, and process proposal. We carried out a 90-hour training program for the Unity and Innovation Teams, reaching 10 % of the staff. We worked twice a week, 4 hours a day, so that the civil servants could get the qualifications to use, in a productive manner, different tools such as appreciative enquiry, design thinking, prototyping, and project management, among others. Additionally, we led each Innovation Team in the presentation stage to the levels authorized to validate and require the resources for the implementation of responses to the challenges identified as critical for services and products generation.

We managed to implement the structure for innovation management with committed participation of the selected civil servants. All of them showed full commitment by attending the training sessions, putting into practice the tools given, devising and prototyping solutions, and making presentations to the authorities to proceed to the implementation later. Over 20 challenges were identified from the job done by the civil servants, and 5 prototypes were tested (one by each Innovation Team). Another achieved result to highlight was the regaining of trust on the management team as well as the civil servants’ commitment.

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